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Firework Law

Fireworks and the Law

It is illegal to sell fireworks to anyone under the age of 18: and it is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to possess fireworks in a public place.

Indoor Fireworks (category 1), Garden Fireworks (Category 2) and Display Fireworks (Category 3) can be purchased by adults over 18 years of age. (we operate a challenge 21 policy so please bring I.D).

When can you buy fireworks?

Rainbow Fireworks shop has an all year round specialised license allowing us to sell fireworks 52 weeks per year.

Where can I let off fireworks?

You can let off fireworks on your own property (or someone else's property, provided that they have given you permission to do so) but you cannot let fireworks off in a public place i.e street or park.

When can I let off fireworks?

Fireworks can be let off any day of the year between 7am and 11pm with the following exceptions. * Until 1.00am following the first day of Chinese New Year. * Until 12.00pm on Nov the 5th. * Until 1.00am on the day following Diwali Day. * Until 1.00am on the day following Dec. 31st.

Who do I need to tell?

Inform neighbours, owners of animals, elderly residential homes etc. A little note explaining the date and time of the display and an approximate duration is also a good idea.

How much space do I need to let off fireworks?

Garden Fireworks (Category 2) require a minimum viewing distance of 5m. Display Fireworks (Category 3) require a minimum viewing distance of 25m. Garden Fireworks conforming to the European Standard BS EN 14035 require a minimum viewing distance of 8m. The distances quoted are the minimum viewing distances. You should also be aware of overhead obstructions such as trees, cables etc, also is there a petrol station nearby for example? maybe you are close to the flight path of aeroplanes ? some fireworks produce wide fan shaped effects and that should be taken into consideration when purchasing fireworks for your event.

Storing of fireworks at your home.

Most fireworks that Rainbow Fireworks sell are either category 2 or 3 1.4g/1.3g fireworks, in common with all fireworks and pyrotechnics they should be stored in a cool dry place, well away from any source of ignition, flammable materials or other hazardous goods. A metal cabinet is ideal. Often fireworks are stored in a garage or similar but this can be very dangerous as there are corrosive and flamable liquids in there that could leak or spill onto the fireworks causing self conbustion so please keep well away from anything like that if you do store in your garage or similar. Finally we do not recommend storing fireworks in cupboards etc in your home.

Firework noise.

If you are holding a fireworks display or having a party at home and wanting to have a few fireworks, it is important to be considerate, responsible and safe.

Always inform your neighbours of your intended fireworks display and tell them when and at what time you will be letting off the fireworks. Also give an indication of how long the display will last. This allows your neighbours to prepare themselves for your display, particularily if they have pets that might get frightened from any loud noises. Or maybe they have young children that get scared of fireworks.

Follow the instructions on the firework packaging or take advise from your firework retailer to ensure you are confident with setting up the firework and firing it safely. The firework code gives very good straight forward advise. Don't return to a firework once lit and don't hold fireworks are very good safety measures for you to ensure a safe and fun celebration.

Rainbow Fireworks staff can offer safety tips, help and advise if you are unsure on any aspect of the products. 

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